If you are downloading Mountain Lion, having problems downloading Mountain Lion, or just waiting to see what everyone who's already downloaded Mountain Lion has to say about Apple's new OS. We’ve gathered all our Mountain Lion related material together here, so you can research away.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion now available on App Store - and when it went live, broadband operators saw huge spike in traffic, with Mountain Lion upgrades taking from 13 to 57 minutes, according to an Apple reseller. 

It's not surprising that there was such a traffic spike. Apple has announced that Mountain Lion was downloaded more than 3 million times in the first few days. The popularity allowed Mountain Lion to grab 3% share of OS X in first 48 hours. A poll on our website found that More than 50% of Mac users have upgraded to Mountain Lion within the first few days. 

Not everyone is happy: Angry Mac owners raise Twitter ruckus over missing Mountain Lion upgrade codes. New Mac owners took their frustration with Apple onto Twitter, claiming that they have not received redemption codes for the free copy of OS X Mountain Lion.(Those with a new Mac may be pleased to hear Apple has releases Power Nap firmware updates for new MacBooks.)

Having Mountain Lion problems?

General consensus appears to be that OS X Mountain Lion is a generally stable update with a minimum of significant problems, especially for a 10.x.0 release. Still, things can and do occasionally go wrong.

Are you experiencing any issues with battery life since you updated? Mac laptop owners report shortened battery life after Mountain Lion upgrade an Apple is said to be investigating reports of shorter battery life on Mac laptops that customers have upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion, according to the company's support forum: Apple investigating Mountain Lion battery drain concerns

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We have lots of information about different elements of Mountain Lion: 

Dictation - Though it falls short of full Siri integration, Mountain Lion's system-wide Dictation tool does bring iOS's transcription functionality to the Mac. Dictation is not without its share of security concerns though: Mountain Lion's Dictation feature causes privacy concerns


How to get Mountain Lion for free - If you recently bought a new Mac you can get Mountain Lion for free. You lucky thing. Of course, it only costs the rest of us £13.99. The Mountain Lion update program went live, briefly so we know you will need to fill in your address details of where you bought it to get your redemption code.

There’s Siri style dictation: Siri-like Dictation coming in Mountain Lion. Will people really start talking to their Macs, we wonder.

Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper: What you need to know - Wondering whether that scary Flashback Trojan means that you need to install anti-virus software on your Mac now? Apple thinks it has security covered with Mountain Lion. We bring you advice from security experts about Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper feature and what it will mean for you.

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