Apple is said to be working on a cheaper version of the high-priced Pro Display XDR for consumers.

That display is priced at £5,000 and doesn't even ship with a stand (if you want a stand that's an additional £1,000). The new cheaper monitor will be designed for consumers so is likely to have a much lower price. Here's what we know.

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Apple display release date

According to a Bloomberg report from 15 January 2021, Apple is planning to sell a lower-priced external monitor. Work has apparently started on this new monitor, but no release date has been suggested.

We anticipate that Apple could launch this new, lower priced monitor alongside an updated Mac Pro. The company is said to be working on two new Mac Pro models, one of which takes inspiration from the G4 Cube and is likely to sit somewhere between the iMac and the Mac Pro in terms of it's market. We may see this new monitor launch alongside it.

One indication that something could arrive sooner rather than later is news that Apple has stopped selling the two LG screens from most of its European stores. However, the screens are still available in the US and UK.

Apple display price

This new monitor is apparently targeted at consumers rather than professional use so we anticipate a much lower price than the Pro Display XDR, Apple's current monitor which costs £5,000/$5,000 and doesn't even come with a stand! The stand costs you another £1,000/$1,000.

This won't be the first monitor Apple has sold to more general consumers though. Apple discontinued the Thunderbolt Display 2016. That model, which launched in 2011, cost $999 at the time Apple discontinued it.

Thunderbolt display

Prior to the arrival of the Thunderbolt display in 2011 Apple had sold various sizes of Cinema Display from 20in to 30in. Prices started at around $899.

Apple display specs

The Pro Display XDR is the display Apple currently sells and it might give us some clues as to what we can expect from the rumoured lower-priced option. For example, the Pro Display XDR offers a 32in 6K display, so we could potentially see a similar resolution on the new cheaper display (while the XDR could eventually move up to 8K resolution).

However, we don't expect that the new Apple display will offer the brightness and contrast ratio of the Pro Display XDR. The XDR offers 1,600 nits of brightness, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a super-wide viewing angle.

Alternatively we could look to the iMac and its 27in 5K Retina display for inspiration and anticipate a monitor that matches the iMac - but with slimmer bezels than currently. In that case we can be sure of 500 nits brightness, P3 colour and support for a billion colours, as well as support for 10-bit spatial and temporal dithering.

iMac screen