Sales of the latest generation of the Apple TV look set to surpass the one million mark before Christmas.

Apple announced that it expects to reach the milestone at some stage this week, with 400,000 TV episodes and over 150,000 movies being bought or rented from iTunes every day.

The news doesn't come as a major surprise - the second-generation Apple TV sold some 250,000 units in its first month on sale - though customers in the UK might raise an eyebrow at the announcement.

The Apple TV costs £99 in the UK, compared to $99 (around £64) in the US. Though the real cost of the device in the US is slightly higher when sales tax - which varies from state to state - is taken into consideration, there is also much less content on offer for UK punters.

As Macworld pointed out in a review of the Apple TV back in October, the device doesn't support content sources such as the BBC's iPlayer. In the US, Apple TV customers have access to content from Netflix, totalling thousands of hours of TV shows and movies.

However, the second-generation device is significantly cheaper than its predecessor, which cost £223, and is also easier to use.