Apple has published a collection of six new Get a Mac ads on its UK website.

Comedy duo Mitchell and Webb star in the UK versions of: ‘Accident’, in which PC falls off a desk because someone has tripped over the power cable; ‘Out of the Box’, which emphasises how quickly a Mac can be set up; and ‘Networking’, where a printer connects to Mac to the dismay of PC.

There are also three never-before-seen ads that follow story lines not yet used in the US versions. These include: ‘Naughty Step’ where PC suggests that doing fun stuff should be punishable; ‘Magic’ where PC exchanges a file with Mac to much funfair; and ‘Court’ which examines how easy it is to make a photo book.

Apple has received some criticism for the advertisements, which can be seen in cinemas, bill boards, and the national press in the UK, as well as online. YouGov's BrandIndex indicated that the public’s opinion of Apple has been less favourable since the ads began to air in the UK. It is thought that the decision to cast Webb as the Mac character has given the impression that Mac users are too smug.