As the iPhone 5 approaches its sixth month in the market, speculation surrounding the next-generation iPhone has been hotting up. The latest in a recent bout of iPhone 6 concept designs offers two impressive new 3D renders to illustrate what Apple's new iPhone could look like.

Designer Martin Hajek, who previously created photorealistic renders of the iPad mini ahead of its launch last year, has come up with two possible iPhone 6 concepts this week, as reported by

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The first of the two renders shows an iPhone with a 4.8in display that is achieved by introducing an edge to edge screen and removing the circular Home button, enabling the overall device to remain similar in size to the iPhone 5.


Hajek's 4.8in iPhone takes design cues from Apple's iPad mini and new iPod touch, with a completely aluminium backplate and thinner profile.

In order to remove the home button, Hajek's concept proposes the use of a trackpad-like strip at the bottom of the iPhone.

Rumours of a bigger iPhone, dubbed iPhablet or iPhone Plus, emerged earlier this year, when sources from Apple's supply chain claimed that Apple would launch three new smartphones in 2013, including an iPhone 6, a 4.8in iPhone and an iPhone with a 12-megapixel camera. 

Later reports suggested that the bigger iPhone wouldn't arrive until 2014.

As well as the 4.8in iPhone, Hajeck's renders include an iPhone 6 that is smaller than the iPhone 5 overall, but keeps the 4in display by using the edge-to-edge screen and trackpad Home button as shown in the 4.8in iPhone.


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You can see the full gallery of Hajek's new concepts here.

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