A Macworld poll has found that consumers are most excited about a new Mac Pro, iPhone 6 and a new iPad mini 2 with Retina display, all of which are expected to be launched by Apple this year.

In our poll of 907 Macworld readers, we asked which potential new Apple product is the most exciting, and a second-generation iPad mini came up on top, with 18.5 per cent of the votes.

The first iPad mini hit the shelves in November last year, but many consumers were disappointed that it doesn't sport a high-resolution Retina display like its full-size counterparts. So the introduction of a Retina iPad mini 2 could see the popularity of the 7.85in tablet increase significantly.

Speculation suggests that the Retina iPad mini 2 could be unveiled in March, and that Apple has been testing Retina panels for the device.

The runner up in our poll was the next-generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, which received 18.2 per cent of the votes.

With Apple expected to begin a biannual product cycle this year, the next iPhone could also be launched in Spring, with a second iPhone to launch in 2013 towards the end of the year.

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With 14.3 per cent of the votes, a new Mac Pro was the third most popular choice in our poll of the most exciting upcoming Apple products.

In June 2012, Apple attracted criticism and concern after it made a very minor update to the Mac Pro. In response to that criticism, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised that new Mac Pros would be released in 2013, so we know that something is on its way.

A likely new Mac Pro released date and venue would be at WWDC in June, which has tended to have a pro focus in previous years.

Trailing behind in fourth place with 8.7 per cent of the votes was the widely speculated Apple Television set, which has been rumoured to be about to launch for a few years. SEE: Imagining an Apple television

It's still not clear whether or not Apple really does intend to introduce a television set, or perhaps just improve its Apple TV set-top box to bring more advanced features to living rooms. A total of 6.8 per cent of respondents in our poll said that they're most excited about the possibility of an update to the Apple TV, so an advanced set-top box could be an ideal way for Apple to begin taking over the television market as it has the MP3 player, smartphone and tablet markets.

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The fifth-generation iPad was the fifth most popular choice in our poll, with 7.5 per cent of the vote. Apple introduced two new iPads in 2014, another indicator that Apple could be planning to begin a biannual product cycle for its iOS devices.

It's expected that the iPad 5 will be thinner and lighter than its predecessors, and that it will arrive in the first half of 2013, with some reports suggesting a June launch date and others stating an earlier March launch.

As for Apple's laptops, 6.5 per cent of our readers said that they're most excited about a new MacBook Pro, and 3.7 per cent said that they're looking forward to the launch of a new MacBook Air.

So far, there's been little speculation about next-generation MacBooks, but the MacBook Air is expected to get a processor upgrade at some point this year.

The rumoured cheaper iPhone, dubbed iPhone mini, got a just 5 per cent of the votes in our poll.

The iPhone mini has been hot topic since the year began, with reports suggesting that it will be made with a plastic body in order to keep costs low. However, an alleged interview with Apple's Phil Schiller last week seemed to dismiss the idea of a cheaper iPhone. 

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Apple's iWatch received more votes than the iPhone mini, with a total of 5.8 per cent. Wearable tech has been an area of interest recently, and some reports have even suggested that an 'iWatch' could mean the end for the iPhone.

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Another piece of wearable tech that could be on the cards is iGlasses. Apple has patented sunglasses, and Google has already revealed its Project Glass glasses. A total of 3 per cent of our respondents said that a pair of iGlasses is the product they're most excited about from Apple.

With a tiny 0.8 per cent of the votes, an Apple music subscription service dubbed 'iRadio' proved to be the least exciting potential Apple launch for our readers.

Reports earlier this month suggested that Apple is currently in talks with music labels in preparation for a 2013 launch for the service.

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What are you most hoping to see from Apple this year? Let us know in our comments section below or on Twitter.


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