A few days ago, credible information revealed that Apple shortly intends to begin the process of replacing Intel's processors with ARM-based chips of its own.

We've been saying for ages that the first Mac likely to feature an ARM processor would be the MacBook, and now technology leaker Fudge (also known as @choco_bit) is saying that a new 12in model of MacBook is likely to be the first Mac equipped with the proprietary Apple chips.

In appearance, it will look like the old 12in MacBook that Apple stopped manufacturing in 2019, but inside you'll find a variant of the A14X processor with 8 to 12 cores. There may also be talk of 5G support, according to MacRumors.

The new model probably won't support Boot Camp, as it will be difficult to get Windows to work satisfactorily with Apple's processors. On the other hand, pundits expect some form of emulation to get old Mac programs working, at least for a transitional period.

Developers will need time to adapt their software to the new processors, and for this reason the new MacBook isn't expected to launch until 2021. The move from Intel to ARM-based processors, however, will be announced as early as next week, at WWDC 2020.

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This article originally appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.