New MacBook Pro models are already in production and will be available in stores next month, according to a report.

Apple Insider cites a source "familiar with the matter" as saying the models will be available in around two weeks' time.

The report backs up a rumour that circulated earlier this week suggesting that the new MacBook Pros will be available from 1 March.

Delays to the new line caused by problems with Intel's Sandy Bridge processors are reportedly not as bad as first feared, and rumours that Apple was planning a refresh of the MacBook Pro line have been circulating since last month.

The Apple Insider report claims that another source revealed that there will be other new features in the new MacBook Pros besides the Sandy Bridge processors, though unfortunately these features aren't revealed. There has been some speculation, though, that there could be the option to have a solid-state drive instead of a traditional hard drive.

The MacBook Pro line was last refreshed in April 2010.