Siri is Apple’s fantastic voice activated technology for the iPhone and iPad. At just a touch of a button, and a mere spoken word, Siri can do all kinds of things without you even having to press the screen.

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Apple first introduced Siri with the launch of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, and it’s improved steadily ever since. iOS 7 introduces a range of new Siri features, including faster performance and access to Settings, as well as cool new features and hidden tricks.

Here we take a look at some of the things you can now do with Siri in iOS 7:

The new look Siri

The first thing to note is that Siri has a completely new look in iOS 7. Siri now blurs in the screen and a single line forms an audio waveform across the screen as you speak. We think this is a vast improvement, especially on the iPad where Siri often looked a little lost tucked into a small screen by the home button. Siri works largely the same, however, hold down the Home button and speak to issue commands.

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Ask Siri to change settings

Siri can now access some settings. So you can say things like “Turn the Wi-Fi off” and “Open Message Settings”. You can even ask Siri to turn on AirPlane model (although it’s worth noting that Siri needs access to the internet to work so you’ll have to access turn it back on using Control Centre or Settings).

Trending on Twitter

Siri has fantastic Twitter integration in iOS 7 and you can now ask it Twitter-related questions such as “What's trending on Twitter” and “What are my friends saying on  Twitter”. The first Time Sirir will ask if it can access your Twitter account. You can even search Twitter from Siri, say “search Twitter for iOS 7” to see what people are saying about the new operating system.

Siri Twitter

Google instead of Bing

One big difference with Siri is that Bing replaces Google as the default search engine. While this doesn’t seem to make much difference in day-to-day use, we don’t think many people choose Bing over Google much in desktop search. The good news is that you can still get Siri to search Google, if you prefer. Instead of saying “find pictures of cats” you say “Google pictures of cats” instead. Siri then uses Google as the search engine.

Read my email

Siri has always been able to list out new emails, but one big change in iOS 7 is that it can now read out emails. Say “Read my Mail” and Siri will check your new mails, and  give you an overview including the time and headlines of key mails. It will ask you if you want it to read out all your mails. Say “Yes” and you can listen to the mail instead of reading it.

Siri Edit

Edit Siri

Siri is getting much better at recognizing what you have to say. But there are still times when it doesn’t quite get it. Now you can adjust Siri searches by tapping the tap To Edit label below a Siri response. This enables you to use the keyboard to edit the siri term. Remember that the more you use, and correct Siri, the better it becomes at understanding you.

Okay… glass

Siri still has a lot of Easter Eggs and hidden features. If you’re bored you can repeatedly say “Okay Glass” to Twitter to wind it up. “Okay Glass” is the term used to activate Google Glass’ voice control technology.