A new video of a mockup of Apple’s rumoured iPad mini has emerged, showing a smaller tablet with Apple’s Lightning connector, a rear microphone, and a thinner profile.

The video was first posted by Japanese blog Macotakara, (Google Translate) and shows an iPad with a 7.85in display. The headphone jack remains on the top of the device though, unlike Apple’s new iPhone, which has a relocated jack on the bottom of the handset.

Macotakara says that it purchased the iPad mini from Live Shop, which was selling the mockups for 4,980 yen each (£40) for accessories manufacturers. Live Shop does note, however, that “there might be a point that is different from the actual details,” because the iPad mini has not yet been officially unveiled by Apple. Despite this, the mockups have now sold out.

It has been predicted that Apple will launch the iPad mini this month, possibly alongside its new iPod touch and iPod nano.