RES Software has pegged 2014 as a milestone in the viability of successful and pragmatic chargeback systems.

APAC regional director at the workspace virtualisation vendor, Michael McGrath, points to how more companies are starting to deploy app/IT store models in enterprise settings.

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"Full service IT stores will go beyond a corporate app store and provide organisations with the visibility needed to decipher the most cost-efficient consumption of IT, and not just applications," he said.

McGrath adds it has the potential provide the most appropriate matching of IT services with employees.

"By using enterprise IT stores, organisations will establish the framework for implementing previously illusive chargeback models and control over technology costs based on business lines," he said.

Change in innovation

RES Software may be focused on 2014, but McGrath has not forgotten the lessons the IT industry taught last year.

The significant development for McGrath was what he claims was "the downfall of Apple and the rise of Microsoft and Samsung".

"Recent deliveries from Apple, such as the iPhone 5s and iOS 7, have fallen short of expectations for personal use and business alike," he said.

"The backlash from customers and the industry clearly shows that the technology isn't leading the pack as it once was."

McGrath has seen Microsoft and Samsung continue to develop and improve their competing products, but questions what Apple's next big product will be "with innovation lacking".

"Microsoft will fill the gap left by Blackberry in enterprise mobility, and they will increasingly compete in the mobile market alongside Samsung and Apple," he said.

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