Android Wear watches have only just started to trickle out but Microsoft apparently wants to make sure people can use them in conjunction with Microsoft software. Today Microsoft released a OneNote app that lets people dictate notes on their Android Wear watches and save them to OneNote.

Users just have to say, "Ok Google, take a note," then dictate a message that will be transcribed and saved to OneNote. Users need an Android phone running 4.3 or higher.

The OneNote crew didn't mention an app for Apple's new watch but I wouldn't be surprised if one becomes available. The developers behind OneNote have been very quick to support new platforms.

Since becoming CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has talked a lot about a change that will see Microsoft delivering its software products to as many platforms as people want, rather than limiting them to Windows. The OneNote team has taken that mission to heart, rolling out the app to many platforms. 

In fact, Microsoft is also announcing that it has an iOS 8 OneNote app, available in the App Store today. The app lets users clip Web pages, save photos, and send files to OneNote from within the app.

OneNote is also available to Kindle Fire users and even the Fire phone.

OneNote is the kind of app that's most useful to users if it truly serves as a central hub for all their work and personal content. But users have to be able to easily store their content in the app. It's smart for Microsoft to make the app available on as many devices as possible.

In addition to the Android Wear and iOS 8 announcements, Microsoft is also rolling out an update to Office Lens, the Windows Phone app that lets users take photos of documents or whiteboard diagrams and save them to OneNote. The update allows users to convert pictures and documents to PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. Once converted, the files can be edited.