Irish consumers are annoyed as O2 Ireland says it has no immediate plans to lower iPhone prices.

O2 UK cut £100 from the cost of the 8GB iPhone model this morning, but Silicon Republic informs O2's Irish arm has no such plans, or so it seems.

“At present, we have no plans to introduce a similar promotional offer. However, as with all our products and services, we will continue to review our pricing strategy for the iPhone on an ongoing basis," O2 Ireland told the reporter.

Irish consumers are furious, complaining the handset already costs more in Ireland, and railing against the tariffs charged in the country. O2 Ireland charges from €399 (£304) for the device and offers a stingy 175 minutes of call time and 100 texts for the entry-level subscription package.

It's worth noting that as recently as 7 April, O2 UK was equally in denial of any intention to chop cash from the cost of the iPhone, with a spokesperson then telling Macworld UK: "We regularly examine all of our offerings to ensure they remain competitive and meet customer demands. We currently have no updates regarding iPhone pricing."