For a long time now, persistent rumours have proposed that one or more iPhone 12 models would be equipped with a 120Hz screen refresh rate. This would result in smoother video and animation than on the current 60Hz standard.

Many pundits felt that the 120Hz spec would be limited to the more expensive 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models, and act as a differentiator to help persuade customers to spend extra. This was expected to be implemented in the form of ProMotion, a feature already available on the 2017 and later iPad Pros; ProMotion alters refresh rate dynamically to suit the requirements of a given task.

However, according to a new report from the well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has scrapped plans to include ProMotion, or any kind of higher screen refresh rate, in the late-2020 iPhone update. MacRumors reports that battery concerns are the reason for this decision. (ProMotion saves battery life in comparison to a full-time 120Hz refresh rate, but still consumes more power than full-time 60Hz.)

This isn't a total surprise, however. When the iPhone 12 specs were leaked back in May, Jon Prosser said ProMotion would be supported by the hardware, but could yet be "nerfed in software" for reasons of battery preservation. This raises the intriguing prospect that jailbreakers could in theory turn the feature back on in certain iPhone 12 models, although we wouldn't recommend trying this at home.

Kuo's report also claims that the notch is slightly smaller in the 5.4in iPhone 12, while other models have notches of the same size as the 2019 generation. This could explain why we've received conflicting information back and forth regarding the design of the sensor panel.

Tonight (15 September, starting at 6pm UK time) Apple is holding a special event taglined Time Flies, where a new Apple Watch and iPad Air are expected to debut. (Here's how to watch the event live.)

Most pundits agree that the company will probably wait until next month to unveil the iPhone 12, because of component shortages resulting from the ongoing pandemic, but there remains an outside chance (backed by one anonymous leaker) it will be announced.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.