Apple appears to have removed all references to the Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset on the UK store.

The Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset is nowhere to be found amongst iPhone accessories on the UK in contrast to the US site that still has the $99.00 headset listed and available to 'Add To Cart.'

Macworld reader Joseph rang the Apple store this morning having failed to find the iPhone headset online.

"They have confirmed that the item was available in the UK. However it is no longer listed on the store. The representative was unable to offer any explanation," said Joseph.

The elusive Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset.

"She had had other people enquiring about the item and suggested it may have been because of long lead times that the headset had been removed, or there may be a new model. But she did not know for certain why it was now no longer available and could give no guidance when it would next be in stock."

With anodized aluminium casing the lightweight earpiece comes with a cable that syncs and charges your iPhone or iPod, and charges your iPhone Bluetooth Headset.

Currently Amazon has two 'Used - Like New' headsets from £75, while eBay has several to buy new and used from around £50.