Microsoft has managed to ship Zune in time for Christmas in the US - but hasn't managed to make sure its player will be supported by its forthcoming operating system, Windows Vista.

Users trying to install Zune software on the latest versions of Vista are told the operating system isn't supported by the player. This future foresight gaffe is also confirmed by an official support document, AppleInsider reveals.

Microsoft will begin selling Vista to business customers in two weeks.

Zune offers no support for so-called 'Plays For Sure' music acquired from Windows Media-backed services, such as Napster, and offers no support for Windows media.

To make matters worse, the product faced a lukewarm response from shoppers when it debuted yesterday, according to AFP.

That report observed dozens of iPods flying of retailer's shelves, but scant interest in Microsoft's Zune attempt.

One iPod purchaser said: "I'd rather support Apple than Microsoft, even though a friend of mine works for them."