Apple's iPhone seems set to be made available on the O2 and Vodafone networks in the UK, a website glitch has revealed.

The website has published details for the iPhone in the UK, promising the device will be made available on both the O2 and Vodafone networks. is a UK mobile phone retailer, and the fact that it has included the iPhone on its list of available products may not reflect the facts.

However, this is the clearest hint so far that Apple has adopted a more complex bring to market model for its iPhone distribution in the more fragmented European mobile market.

The website even claims the device may cost as little as £99.99 in the UK when purchased through O2, though this price seems unrealistic in contrast to the US price: $499 or $599.

The website itself warns: "Please note that pricing and information for the Apple iPhone is based on the best information available to us at this moment in time. Specifications and prices are subject to change."

The product is referred to in text as being called: "The Apple iPhone on O2" and the "Apple iPhone on Vodafone."

Apple does not comment on rumour or speculation, but the news makes it more likely the device will ship in the UK on either O2 or Vodafone, with both companies sharing the device a distinct possibility.