Orange has reached a deal with Apple under which customers will be able to rent a MacBook and use the telecom firm's broadband services for around just €2 per day.

The companies are aiming the service at young consumers who are considering whether they should invest in a MacBook, according to a French-language report in popular newspaper, Le Figaro.

Along with the MacBook, customers will get 1Mbps DSL for €60 per month, or an 8Mbps service for €5 per day. Customers must agree to a three-year contract.

According to the report, Orange hopes to attract 1,000 customers per month to the service. The company will also offer a free iPod shuffle to the first 200 customers to sign up for the service.

The deal described in the report seems set for France only, but the company confirmed it could extend the offer to other countries if it catches on.

Executive director of France Telecom (which owns Orange), Louis-Pierre Wenes, said: "It seems appropriate to link the Orange brand with that of Apple, famous for its product innovation and ease of use."

Orange will extend the deal to include a hire-purchase agreement later on this year, the report explains. Early customers who rent the machines will be able to migrate their deal to the hire-purchase one, if they like.