Following the storming of the US Capitol in Washington on 6 January, Apple banned the social network Parler from the App Store, as the platform had allegedly been used to incite and plan the attack on American democracy.

(Oddly enough Apple was then sued for not also banning Telegram.) 

Parler has since made a number of changes in an effort to survive. It has hired, for example, a new content manager: the neoliberal Amy Peikoff, an atheist, Ayn Rand fan and outspoken critic of Donald Trump.

Hoping, perhaps, that these changes would be taken as evidence of turning over a new leaf, Parler recently applied to be readmitted on to the App Store. But it received a resounding no from Apple, Bloomberg reports.

Bloomberg has seen Apple's emails to the developers, in which the company writes that Parler is still nowhere near living up to the App Store rules when it comes to moderating discriminatory content such as Nazi symbolism and hatred based on ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

Apple has included screenshots that, among other things, show users with swastikas on their profile pictures.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.