Apple introduced a nano-texture glass option when it launched the Pro Display XDR at the end of 2019, and then added this screen option, for a hefty surcharge, to the 27in iMac in August. Now it appears that the company is looking into way to apply a similar treatment to more of its screens in order to minimise reflections.

Apple has applied for patent for "Antireflective Treatment for Textured Enclosure Components". The patent includes notebooks, tablets, smartphones, wearables and other electronics, suggesting that Apple may be planning to use nanotexture glass on other devices.

The patent describes a "textured area," specifically a "substrate surface" with a set of protrusions extending outwardly. Each protrusion of the set has a width greater than or equal to about 750 nm and less than about 10 microns. Apple Insider suggests that the patent is describing methods of etching onto the glass, which would reduce reflectivity by preventing light being shined back.

This news suggests that the era of Apple's glossy displays may soon be coming to an end, good news if you have ever been frustrated by those shiny and sometimes overly reflective screens on the iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

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Based on an article that appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.