The latest Macworld reader poll has decreed that the most popular suggestion for a tagline for Apple's court-mandated adverts would be "We've been instructed to tell you that Samsung's tablets aren't as cool as ours", with 38.2 per cent of the vote.

This follows the ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple. With with Apple accusing Samsung of copying the design and Samsung accusing Apple of encroaching on its technology patents. The case is being held in a number of courts worldwide. Just yesterday a judge in Germany upheld a ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany, and extended the ban to the rest of the European Union. The case opens in a court in California on Monday. 

The trial in the UK came to a halt with the judge declared Samsung tablets "not as cool" as the iPad therefore concluding Apple hadn't lost out and had no case against Samsung who 'had not copied the iPad'.

Judge Colin Birss decided that Apple must buy adverts in major UK newspapers and acknowledge that it was wrong about Samsung copying it.

By practically giving out permission to publish an advertising campaign slating Samsung for not being as cool as Apple, in reality Birss will have probably bought Apple copious publicity and further confirmed the company's fashionable status.

Our poll suggests that the most popular ad campaign amongst 246 readers would be appropriately patronising to Samsung, who have tried to achieve the same levels of success as Apple in terms of popularity, with their attempt at the breaking the tablet market via the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Slightly more reserved suggestions, such as "The Samsung Galaxy Tab: definitely 100% not an iPad rip-off" and "Samsung Galaxy Tab: Think different" were voted far less popular with 6.9 per cent and 3.7 per cent respectively.

So it seems readers would like to see Apple take on Samsung yet again, but this time outside the courtroom, in the national press. In our forum, one reader, Xhris2210 put forward his own idea of, "We thought the Galaxy Tab was a rip off of the iPad. A judge has instructed us to tell you: They botched the job."

Apple was reported last week to have appealed against the court rulings, which isn't surprising given that the company is aout to embark on a similar case in America. Perhaps adverting the lack of comparison between the two devices wouldn't be so detrimental to Apple, espeiclaly following all the attention the case has received.

Thanks to Judge Birss, it seems Apple could turn this all around in its favour.