In his latest video well-known Apple leaker Jon Prosser reveals the latest leaks about the upcoming iPhone 13. The notch is getting smaller - but probably not in the way you were hoping.

Rumours about a smaller notch have been circulating for a while and it is at the top of the wish list for many iPhone fans, but there is new information about this in Prosser's latest video.

According to Prosser, the notch of the 2021 iPhone "isn't smaller in the way we want it to be". Rather than being narrower, apparently it will be shorter - but he emphasises that it may well change.

He referrs to the leak from Ice Universe as being more in line with what he is hearing:

Two weeks ago, the Japanese blog Macotakara said something similar: The notch on the upper edge of the display will be smaller because Apple has moved the receiver of the True Depth system to the inside of the case. Read: iPhone 13 will look like iPhone 12 with smaller notch.

iPhone 2021 with 1TB of storage?

It doesn't matter what Apple calls this year's iPhone: The iPhone 13 or 12s will for the first time have a storage capacity of up to 1TB, according to Prosser.

However, this is not new news from the Apple leaker: As we reported in November 2020, Prosser suspected this a few months ago. Read: iPhone 13 could get 1TB of storage.

In his video, Prosser explains what strategy Apple could pursue with this decision. An iPhone with 1TB of storage would undoubtedly be one of the most expensive models Apple will offer. Most users, Prosser believes, would opt for a cheaper model and make more use of Apple's cloud storage, which ultimately also makes Apple a lot of money.

iPhone 12s

Prosser also repeats the theory that Apple is not planning an iPhone 13 for this year, but rather an S version as the successor to the iPhone 12. We also recently reported that even Apple's own engineers are only talking about an S version. Prosser himself did not name any sources for his claim.

For more information about the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12s) read our iPhone 2021 news round up.

Update: In February 2021 analysts at Wedbush added their voices to Jon Prosser's claims that the next generation iPhone will offer up to 1TB storage

This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.