Quark has moved closer to Web-content publishing, with its "avenue.quark" extension.

avenue.quark is a QuarkXPress-to-XML content-conversion tool. A pre-release version with limited features will be distributed at Seybold this week.

An exclusive pre-release of the software will feature on the October Macworld cover CD the (on sale September 16). The final version is set to ship next spring.

Unlike existing software, such as WebXPress and BeyondPress, avenue.quark will not convert XPress pages to Web pages. Quark says avenue.quark is aimed at "getting content into large-scale publishing systems as XML".

This content can then be integrated into databases for archiving or processed through ColdFusion into HTML.

Quark's corporate communications manager Glen Turpin said: "avenue.quark is the first piece in a line of Internet tools."

The company also revealed that QuarkXPress 4.1 will include "many HTML import-export capabilities".