Later this year Apple intends to introduce a new-look iMac - the first redesign since 2012, according to "people familiar with the plans." Those people being the sources of a Mark Gurman Bloomberg report.

We've been calling for a redesign of the iMac, which we'd say hasn't really been given a new look in a decade. Rumours suggest there may be a new iMac in iPad Air colours coming. Read: Why the iMac needs a redesign.

Apparently we can expect to see Apple slim down the black boarders around the screen - often referred to as the bezels. The 'chin' below the screen will also be removed. And the iMac will have a completely flat back, rather than the curved rear it has currently. This corresponds with our expectations as outlined in our 2021 iMac predictions article.

iMac evolution

This will be part of an overhaul of Apple's line up to coincide with its move from Intel processors to its own chips. We have separate a article about the anticipated redesign of the MacBook Pro.

The Bloomberg report also mentions two new Mac Pro computers said to be in the works at Apple. One will maintain the current design (introduced in 2019) and may also retain Intel processors. Read more about Apple's plans for the Mac Pro.

The other Mac Pro will use Apple processors and will be smaller than the current Mac Pro tower. Bloomberg references Apple's G4 Cube, which launched in 2000 and was discontinued about a year later.

G4 Cube

The company is also said to be working on a new Apple display for consumers - a cheaper version of the high-priced Pro Display XDR for consumers. That display is priced at £5,000 and doesn't even ship with a stand (if you want a stand that's an additional £1,000). The iMac redesign is also said to take inspiration from the Pro Display XDR.

XDR Display

Find out how Apple is learning from its mistakes and making changes. Read: Four times Apple learned from its mistakes.