As Apple Music's first day approaches, we're learning a bit more about the details of the launch, and of the service itself.

As MacRumors reports, Apple Music Senior Director Ian Rogers wrote on his blog that Apple Music and the required iOS 8.4 update will become available starting at 8am Pacific time Tuesday, with Beats One programming beginning an hour later. Rogers later edited his post to remove any mention of a launch time, but he also mentioned an 8am start time in a Tweet from Saturday.

All told, it's probably safe to assume that Apple's goal is to begin programming at that time, though whether it actually does may depend on whether it runs into any technical difficulties as if flips the proverbial switch. 

But launch details aren't the only thing we've learned this weekend--iTunes Match and Apple Music's song-matching service will also get a nice upgrade in the not-too-distant future. In an exchange on Twitter, Apple executive Eddy Cue says that Apple Music's matching service will start with a limit of 25,000 matched songs, but that the company is "working to get to 100k for iOS 9."

Why this matters: It goes without saying that Apple Music's launch has been a long-awaited occasion, so if nothing else, it's nice to have a more specific time to look toward. The iTunes Match news may be the bigger story, however--it's a substantial upgrade, and could be a boon to