In response to Apple’s request to add the Galaxy S III to its list of offending items, Samsung has issued a statement accusing Apple of limiting consumer choice.

Apple’s list of 21 products that it wants banned in the US now includes Samsung's Galaxy S III as well as the Galaxy Note.

Samsung issued a statement: “Apple continues to resort to litigation over market competition in an effort to limit consumer choice. We will continue to take the necessary legal measures to ensure the availability of our innovative products in the United States.”

Apple approached the court on Friday to add the Galaxy S III and other products in an amended complaint. Apple’s complaint had asserted a total of eight patents and identified seventeen accused products.

Back in June, after Samsung announced that it would launch the Galaxy S III, Apple tried to broaden the scope of its request for preliminary injunction to include that smartphone, but it was denied by the court after Samsung said the addition would require further time on discovery and briefings.

Apple and Samsung took to a US court last month. The jury found Samsung guilty of infringing Apple's patents wilfully.

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