Apple on Tuesday took to the stage to unveil its new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. As you'd expect, Apple rival Samsung was paying close attention, and in its usual fashion has released a series of Apple-bashing ads that slate the new announcements.

The six new, 30-second videos are titled 'It Doesn't Take a Genius,' obviously taking a dig at the Apple Geniuses. They are part of Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 campaign. Honestly, we think they're pretty terrible, but you can watch them below to decide for yourself.

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The live stream ad is our favourite, playing on the fact that Apple's live stream of its 9 September event experienced some technical difficulties. This one is actually a bit funny.

After that, though, they begin to seem a bit desperate. The video below about wearables actually seems to be mocking smartwatches as a whole, which is strange considering the fact that Samsung makes several.

The next one is about fast charging, but again is a bit rubbish.

The next talks about the S Pen, suggesting that using your finger is clunky and unintuitive, which again goes against some of Samsung's own products.

The final video is another one that we found a bit funny. It's about the new screen sizes for the iPhone 6, and we can't help but agree with the points being made here.

We prefer Apple's current advertising technique, which avoids poking fun at others and instead focuses on its own products, demonstrating how each device impacts its users lives, how the devices are made and how they're being used in the real world.

That's not to say that Apple hasn't used mockery as an advertising tactic in the past: let's not forget the Get a Mac ads.

But this is certainly not the first time Apple's rivals have used mockery as a means of promoting competing products. Many of Samsung's ads in recent years have carried the tagline "The Next Big Thing is Already Here" and most of those ads attempt to rubbish Apple's iOS devices.

In yet another Apple-bashing move, Samsung released a Galaxy Tab Pro10.1 advert (above) back in February, which mocks Apple's iPad Air 'Pencil' spot.

The Samsung ad, which is a spoof of the 'Pencil' ad that Apple used to promote the arrival of the new iPad Air, shows the camera slowly zooming in on the same yellow pencil used in Apple's ad, with an iPad Air and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 hidden behind it.

"Ah, an iPad Air, I almost didn't see it back there," says the advert's narrator. "And what's this, hiding behind the iPad? Ah the even thinner Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1."

The ad then goes to point out the Galaxy Tab Pro's display, and the ability to use the tablet in split screen.

Reactions to the advert have been mixed, with YouTube users describing it as "desperate," "merciless," "awful," "relentless," "low level," and "childish."

When Samsung launched the Galaxy SII, it released an ad that mocked Apple fans in the queue for the iPhone 4S (below).

After the launch of the iPhone 5, Samsung again mocked queuing Apple fans a Samsung Galaxy S3 advert (below). We couldn't help but chuckle a little at this Apple-bashing ad – it's certainly better than Samsung's most recent attempt at belittling the company, and an improvement on the shoddy ad the year before. This ad actually became the most-watched tech video in 2012.

During the Super Bowl in 2012, Samsung mocked Apple again in a Galaxy Note ad (below).

Then, during 2013's Super Bowl, Samsung enlisted the help of actors Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Bob Odenkirk to mock Apple lawsuits in another ad (below).

Another cheeky dig at Apple in Samsung Galaxy S3's promotion, this time targeting Apple's Maps app, was spotted in Australia at the end of 2012. Samsung parked a muddy SUV overloaded with camping gear in Sydney's Australia Square and a VW Van with surf boards piled high on the roof in Southern Cross Station in Melbourne, both alongside a sign that read: "Oops, should have got Samsung Galaxy SIII. Get navigation you can trust."

It's not surprising that Apple fans aren't too keen on Samsung's marketing approach, but this became particularly clear in September 2012 when Samsung revealed a new print ad that mocked the iPhone 5 in a side-by-side comparison with the Galaxy SIII.

The ad listed features of Samsung's phone, with the tagline "it doesn't take a genius." The list of features on the iPhone 5 was significantly shorter than the Galaxy SIII list, but Samsung failed to mention any of the iOS 6 features that had just launched, iCloud, the front-facing camera, FaceTime, AirPlay, Game Center, iMessage and more.

Apple fans fought back with their own versions of the ad, including this one:


It's not just Samsung that uses Apple mockery to promote its products. Microsoft released such an awful Apple-bashing ad last year that it quickly removed it and admitted that it had overstepped the line.

 Amazon has also jumped on the Apple-bashing bandwagon, releasing a Kindle Fire advert that attempted to rubbish the iPad Air.

On a slightly different not, with an advert that's more flattery than mockery, Somersby Cider used an advert released last year to imitate Apple's adverts in a clever and funny way that we rather enjoyed.