This is the weekend to have a garage sale, search the couch cushions for change, check the pockets of those jackets you don't wear anymore for more change, and then sell those jackets on eBay. Apple Watch preorders start next Friday April 10 at precisely 12:01 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, and you have to be ready.

How to buy or pre-order the Apple Watch

Apple updated its online store's home page on Friday with the exact time preorders will start. Yes, that means our friends on the East Coast will have to set an alarm or two to rouse them at 3 a.m., but they can get back at us West Coasters by spoiling our favorite TV shows on Twitter, so in the end, it balances out.

If you aren't sure which Watch you want, check out our buying advice, as well as our FAQ of everything you need to know. And keep in mind that online preorders aren't the only way to reserve a watch--if you're near an Apple Store, you can also make a try-on appointment with the Apple Store app, starting April 10. They'll take walk-ins too, but you might wind up waiting. If you're in London, Paris, or Tokyo, you can even try on the Apple Watch at pop-up mini-stores inside luxury department stores.

Are you preordering an Apple Watch sight unseen? Waiting to try one on in stores? Or just sitting out the launch madness and deciding later, once we've all had a chance to see what the Apple Watch can really do?