Sharp can’t make the screen for the iPhone 5 fast enough and as a result Apple has not been able to meet demand for the new phone.

A report claims that there are three manufacturers for the screen: LG, Japan Display and Sharp.

LG is contracted to make eight million a month. Japan Display has to make eight million a month. And Sharp is supposed to manufacturer six million a month.

According to Reuters sources, Sharp has been struggling to make its quota of screens and has only now got up to speed.

Apple disappointed investors when it only managed to sell five million iPhone 5 devices in the first weekend of sales, the company admitted that it hadn’t been able to meet demand.

As we previously reported, analysts had blamed a shortfall in supplies of the new display for Apple’s inability to meet demand for the new phone.

The screen is described as a "4-inch low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) touch-panel display with in-panel switching (IPS)," by Deutsche Securities analyst Yasuo Nakane, notes Reuters in a separate report.

On hearing Apple’s announcement that it had sold five million iPhone 5’s in the first three days, analysts pointed to shortages of the in-cell display as the reason. While it is a reason for the shortages of iPhone 5 units, the screen is also one of the reasons why the iPhone is highly recommended by reviewers. There was concern even before the device launched that Apple would struggle to meet demand for the iPhone 5

Of course there is some question whether the demand for the iPhone 5 is as big as anticipated following the fiasco that is Apple’s Maps app.

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