Siri knows too much and it’s a security risk, according to a security expert.

Speaking at a conference, F-Secure vice president Maria Bordgren claimed that Siri is unsuitable for business use as it is to big a security risk.

Bordgren warned that Siri might be “cute” but “if you ask it a question, the data is not stored on the iPhone - it goes to a datacentre in Oregon,” according to a report.

She suggested that: "If anyone was interested in that information you're screwed,” adding: “There is no way of knowing what information is going out about your company.” She also hinted that information could be gathered that could be used to create sophisticated phishing scams.

Bordgren’s fears are matched by IBM, who already banned Siri from employees phones. The company claims that it is concerned that Siri will leak confidential information and has disabled it on staff iPhones.