Even though the ability to use Siri to turn eBooks into audiobooks is a fantastic feature, it's not a stock part of iOS and requires a little bit of fiddling with the Settings and this nifty scrolling trick that we'll show you here.

Siri Dictation isn't integrated directly with iBooks, but you can switch it on via the Accessibility settings. Click on Settings and General, now scroll down and tap Accessibility.

iBooks Accessibility Settings

Tap the Speak Selection menu to access the voice options. First change Speak Selection to On. This brings up an extra menu option whenever you select text in iOS to speak it out. The Speaking Rate is set to mid-way by default, although we feel it's a little more natural when slowed down a bit so move the Speaking Rate slider to the left. Finally set Highlight Words to on so you can visually see where it is reading.

iBooks Speak Selection settings

Tap the Home button and head into the iBooks app. By default you can only select a single page of text in iBooks, which is fun to play with but not much use if you want your iPad to kick back and read to you for a while.

Tap the aA icon in the top right and tap Themes. Now change from Book or Full Screen to Scroll. This will enable you to do the scroll trick that we're about to show you.

iBooks Scroll setting in Themes

Now what you do is tap to select some text, and while holding your finger down on the blue drag-handle use another finger, or thumb (as shown in this video) to scroll down the text. This was you can choose as much text as you'd like.

When you've finished selecting the text let go of the screen and tap Speak in the menu that appears.

iBooks Speak text menu option

Your iPad will now read the whole selection out loud.


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