Sony's upcoming biopic of Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs will be structured as three scenes that show the events that took place backstage before the launch of the Mac, NeXT and the iPod, the film's screenwriter has revealed.

Speaking at Newsweek and The Daily Beast's Hero Summit, writer Aaron Sorkin revealed that the script is entirely made up of three half-an-hour long scenes, which will be real-time accounts of Jobs as he prepared to take to the stage at the three keynotes.

Sorkin has won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for the movie about Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, 'The Social Network'. During the interview, Sorkin revealed that Steve Jobs had phoned him on occasion before he died last year to compliment the writer on something he had enjoyed. Apple's co-founder even reportedly asked Sorkin to write a Pixar movie, but the screenwriter declined.

When asked about his script writing process, Sorkin said that there would be "no point" in writing something about Steve Jobs if he wasn't flawed in some ways, and that he aims to show the audience what a character wants, rather than who they are.

Sony Pictures Entertainment got Sorkin on board to adapt Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography in May, at which time Sorkin revealed he was in the 'beginning stages' of the script, and that the film wouldn’t follow the "cradle-to-grave" narrative that most biography adaptations tend to stick to.

Sony's Steve Jobs film is not to be confused with the independent jOBS biopic starring Ashton Kutcher, which is set to be released next year.