Are you always having to delete files from your Mac to keep it from slowing down because you are running out of space? You may be interested to learn that a bug could mean that images and video are taking up more space on your Mac than they should.

This will only apply if you use Image Capture to import images and videos from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. We often use this method as it means we can bypass the Photos app. Many professional photographers use Image Capture to import their photos.

The bug - which was identified by NeoFinder and noted here - sees Image Capture add as much as 1.5MB of extra data to each image file you import. This wasted space will quickly add up - as NeoFinder points out 5,000 photos could cost you an extra 7.5GB of space.

Specifically, the bug is triggered if you choose to import your images with the 'Keep Originals' box unchecked (to see the Keep Originals box you need to click on the drop-down box in the bottom left of the window). You may well uncheck that box if you want to delete the images of the device you are importing from in order to save space there. You may also want to uncheck that box as part of a workaround that allows you to convert HEIC pictures taken by iPhones and iPads into JPGS.

Image Capture bug

NeoFinder suggests using an application called Graphic Converter - a new beta version of that app will allow you to remove the extra data.

It appears that Apple is working on a fix. The company has contacted NeoFinder for more information. NeoFinder writes: "Apple has contacted us and asked us for additional information and sample files. So it seems they are indeed working on a fix."