As part of its Spring Loaded event last week, Apple announced the launch of a new podcasts subscription payment service, giving podcasters the opportunity to charge for additional or early content and ad-free listening directly in the Podcasts app. And all of a sudden - with the caveat that correlation is not causation, and that the plan may well predate Apple's event - we are hearing that Spotify may be about to do something similar.

Spotify, according to the Wall Street Journal, plans to allow podcast creators to charge for episodes in the app. A purchase would take the user to a website where the purchase is made.

According to the WSJ report, creators will be allowed to set their own prices, and also keep the entire amount themselves - unlike Apple, which takes 30% of each payment. This may win back Spotify a little goodwill after its announcement this morning that it will soon increase the price of its Premium Family subscription by £2 a month without apparently offering any additional features, and the news earlier this month that the company pays artists half as much as Apple per stream.

This article originally appeared on M3. Translation by David Price.