As Apple and Samsung continue to battle it out in court, numerous treasures that were previously kept under wraps by the famously secretive company have been uncovered. The latest of those treasures comes in the form of an email from Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs, who describes the company's product roadmap at the time.

The email was sent just days after the company hosted a Mac-focused special event back in October 2010, and lists topics that Apple's executives would be discussing at its annual top 100 internal meeting that year.

The whole email is worth a read for any Apple watcher, as it gives a rare insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the mysterious company.

Throughout the email, Jobs refers to rival Google regularly, noting ways in which Apple will improve its products and services to catch up to and "leapfrog" the company. Jobs even goes as far as to call the rivalry a 'Holy War with Google.' Read: Everything you need to know about the new Steve Jobs movie

Jobs goes on to list further topics of discussion for the meeting in the email, including Apple's 2011 strategy for many of its products. The email mentions the "plus" iPhone 4, which would later be released as the iPhone 4S, as well as an LTE version (the iPhone 5) it hoped to launch by mid 2012. Apple was a little late with this one, as it didn't release the iPhone 5 with LTE until September 2012. However, this proves that the company plans its products almost two years in advance of their release.

There's also mention of a "low cost iPhone model based on iPod touch to replace 3GS". Could this be the first mention of the iPhone 5c? From the time that this email was sent, all the way up until September 2013, Apple didn't make a new low cost iPhone model. Instead, it reduced the price of its previous generations of iPhone.

Jobs seemed extra confident about the iPad in the email. He wrote: "Ship iPad 2 with amazing hardware and software before our competitors even catch up with our current model."

Before the iPad 2 was even launched, Apple already had plans for the Retina iPad 3 model, the email reveals. Jobs planned to show a "working display for iPad 3" during the top 100 meeting. The iPad 3 was eventually released in March 2012.

When it comes to iOS, Jobs acknowledges that Apple was behind Android in some areas, including notifications, tethering and speech. He notes plans to "leapfrog" Android with Siri, which arrived with the iPhone 4S in 2011.

iCloud seemed to be a keen interest for Apple at the time, and Jobs noted that 2011 would be "Apple's year of the cloud" in the email. It was during 2011 that Apple released iCloud, after all, so Jobs was right there. Apple even had plans for iWork for iCloud back then, though that didn't arrive until mid-2013.

Moving on from iOS, Steve Jobs goes on to mention the "Apple TV 2", and suggests that there could be a TV subscription model with the next version. "Where do we go from here," writes Jobs, adding: "Apps, browser, magic wand?"

We've yet to see a TV subscription come to the Apple TV, and there is no Apple TV App Store, either. Both have been widely discussed in the rumour-sphere though, and are speculated to be coming to the set-top box soon. Additionally, there's no "magic wand" for the Apple TV, which we assume is some sort of advanced remote control.

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