That Apple-Disney rumour sufaces again - this time in none other than cash-crazy Fortune magazine. In its "They're Hot (or Not). In 2000, They're People to Watch" feature, Fortune reports that hot gossip in both Silicon Valley and Hollywood links Apple's long-term interim CEO, Steve Jobs, with the even larger Disney throne.

The story goes like this: Steve Jobs is also boss at Pixar, which, with Walt Disney, has scored a huge hit with Toy Story 2. Despite the success, neither Pixar nor Disney stock has followed the same plot.

At the same time, Disney CEO Michael Eisner "can't seem to line up a suitable successor".

Fortune continues: "Jobs - fresh off his miraculous revitalization of Apple - could sell Pixar to Disney and become Eisner's heir apparent. Sure, there are problems with this swell plan, mainly that for both Eisner and Jobs, power sharing is a foreign concept. But it's fun to contemplate. Besides, Jobs is only interim CEO of Apple."

This is about the fifth Apple-Disney rumour in as many years. Previous goss has had Disney buying out Apple to make Disney-branded Macs, as well as the Jobs as Disney boss story that has nearly made it into the next century. Macworld readers will also remember our September 1997 feature on what a Disney Mac would look like.

Don't expect an announcement of Jobs jumping ship at Macworld Expo, San Francisco, 2000 - it just wouldn't be polite. And, if history has anything to say about it, this latest Apple-Disney report could be a another real Mickey Mouse rumour.