As we wrote on Christmas Eve, Steve Jobs' yacht had been impounded in a dispute between the Jobs family and designer Phillippe Stark.

Stark claimed that Jobs' family owed him an extra €3 million (£2.43m).

Both camps have apparently come to an agreement over the money owed and the yacht has now been released.

Jobs family lawyer Gérard Moussault said: "The Venus is not under arrest. A solution has been found and a guarantee has been deposited in a bank account so that the boat can leave," according to a report in French newspaper Le Monde.

Stark was claiming that he should be paid 6% of the cost price of the boat. He says that the boat cost €150 million (£122m), while Jobs family is disputing that, saying it cost €45 million (£35m) less at €105 million (£85m).


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