Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was at the QUT Business Leaders’ Forum in Australia on Friday, speaking about the future of technology.

“We’ve made very tiny strides so far in the area of artificial intelligence and yet that really is where the future is,” Woz told QUT attendees during his speech. “In 40 years we will have computers that are conscious, that have feelings, that have personality.”

“A computer is going to be your best friend. You’ll talk to it. It’s going to look at your face and know your expression. It’s going to know your heart and soul better than anything in the world,” Woz continued.

“A few of us might be replaced by machines and we might have to restructure society. So is my iPhone someday. It’s going to know me so good I won’t want you humans.”

“There’s so much innovation and thinking of new better ways to do things that every company really had to watch out and move very early if they see something that might totally change people’s values,” Woz told his audience.

Wozniak also spoke about his shock of hearing the news about his fellow Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death last year. “I remember crying on the phone during interviews.”

NineMSN reports that Woz’s aim is to inspire young people to be inventive, and that he is donating technology to schools in order to achieve this.

According to UPI, Wozniak has also revealed that he has applied for an Australian citizenship. “I’m going to live and die as an Australian,” he told people at Queensland University of Technology. “That sort of isn’t well known yet.”