Education is coming to the iPhone thanks to innovative Australian developer, Etech, which is customising its world-class online learning management system for the Apple device.

Etech is the company behind the Studywiz system, which is used in schools at different levels in 20 countries, including the US, UK, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

The company has been working closely with Apple for quite some time, leading its solutions to be effectively utilised in the State of Maine. In the UK it is widely employed in schools in Edinburgh and beyond.

Etech is the first company in the world to customise an online learning management system specifically for the iPhone following successful pilot projects. Such projects in Edinburgh, Australia and the USA have evaluated the potential of iPods to engage and stimulate students in learning, revealing 20-30 per cent improvements in educational attainment and interest in schools were such solutions have been successfully fielded.

Using the iPhone, teachers, students and parents will be able to log into Studywiz using Safari to access a huge range of interactive and media-rich tools. Students can take tests, access real-time information, submit assignments or just go blogging. Parents too, can keep on top of their child's performance by accessing student reports and view their assignments from the iPhone.

Geoff Elwood, CEO of Etech says: "Studywiz has proven to work on the iPod and now it's perfect for the iPhone. What is really is exciting is that the iPhone takes mobile learning to a whole new level because now students have full functionality and mobility of Studywiz in the palm of their hand," he added.

Studywiz integrates seamlessly with an iPod and its interface has been adapted so that it's fully compatible with the iPhone.

The ability for students to access learning resources outside of the classroom enables them to revisit class resources anytime and take more responsibility for their learning.

Studywiz is accredited by Becta to supply learning platforms to 29,000 schools in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The Studywiz iPhone interface is currently being piloted with anticipated release early 2008.