There is some doubt hanging over news that Apple has obtained permission to use the Swiss railway clock design for its iPad clock logo. The company who until now had an exclusive license to use the design of the iconic clock for watches and clocks has expressed "surprise" at the news of the license to Apple.

Apple got into trouble with the Swiss railway operator SBB when the new clock logo appeared in the iPad version of iOS 6. 

On 13 October SBB announced that it had come to a licencing agreement with Apple regarding the use of the iconic design.

However, now Mondaine, who have had a long-term exclusive licensing agreement to adapt the design of the Swiss Railways Clock for watches and clocks for consumers, say they were "surprised" about the agreement.

In a press release the company said: "Mondaine holds a long term exclusive licensee according to a contract with SBB to produce, distribute and market watches and clocks based on the SBB design since 1986 and got surprised to hear about a license agreement between SBB and Apple."

Wishing to put a positive spin on the news that they will have to share their 'exclusive' license with Apple, Mondaine co-owner Andre Bernheim said: "Apple shows great taste by choosing this design for their clock on their devices, and now, the owners of Mondaine watches and clocks as well as iPad owners can even enjoy the same distinct design."

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