OWC, a provider of drives, memory modules and batteries for Macs as well as external docks and drives, has posted a video on YouTube showing their attempts to disassemble the new 27in iMac.

Inside, not much has changed compared to the previous model. The RAM can still be user upgraded on the 27in iMac (along with the iMac Pro, Mac mini and the Mac Pro). RAM can be accessed from outside those models - the 21.5in iMac doesn't have user accessible RAM. For more information, here's how the 2020 iMac compares to the 2019 iMac.

The biggest change no mechanical hard drive. Now that Apple no longer includes the hard drive option all connections and fixings relating to a hard disk have been omitted, the SSD, at least up to a size of 2TB, is now soldered directly to the motherboard.

iMac logic board

There is a connection for an expansion card for the versions with 4TB and 8TB. However, as we wrote previously, it's still not a simple user-friendly job to update the SSD as doing so requires the motherboard to be updated also due to the T2 chip that is now included in the 27in iMac.

The cooling system corresponds to the previous iMac, the more complex cooling system with two fans found inside the iMac Pro is still reserved for that model. The processor is socketed as before.

You can watch OWC's video below.

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This article first appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.