The teardown merchants at iFixit can generally be depended on to rip apart the latest iPhone models and see what's inside, but they've done something a little unusual this time: they've taken components from the iPhone 8, inserted them into the iPhone SE, and tested to see how well they work. A grisly business!

Perhaps surprisingly, some parts fit - and work - perfectly. Among other things, the camera, screen (including the microphone and distance sensors), SIM card holder and Taptic Engine vibration motor can be taken straight from the iPhone 8.

However, the battery uses a new type of connector in the iPhone SE, and the battery from an iPhone 8 will be highlighted as a "non-genuine Apple battery" if it's mounted in an SE chassis. And, as before, the Touch ID button cannot be taken from another phone for security reasons.

Get all the gory details at iFixit. You can buy the iPhone SE direct from Apple, or browse our roundup of the best iPhone SE deals.

This article originally appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.