Former Apple CEO John Sculley has said that a move into the television market is “Apple’s game to lose.”

Sculley, who was in charge of Apple during Steve Jobs’ departure from the company in 1985, told Bloomberg that he believes that Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Mac success gives the company an edge in trying to take over the living room.

“They [Apple] own three screens – the mobile phone, tablet and computer – and you can see how important it is to them to own the fourth, which is TV,” said Sculley, who now runs his own investment firm and is chairman of mobile software company 3Cinteractive. “People don’t realise how huge this is. Microsoft wanted the living room, Sony wanted the living room, and so far both have failed.”

It has been widely speculated that Apple is working on its own television set, and new reports suggest that the device is already in production. Other reports claim that Apple will instead take on the TV market by introducing an advanced set-top-box.

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