Thieves broke into Microsoft's Mountain View campus last Wednesday, and stole five iPads, but left all Microsoft-branded products behind according to a police report.

Mountain View is the location of Microsoft's primary research and design facility, so you would expect it to be awash with Windows products, such as the recently released Microsoft Surface tablet and Windows 8-based laptops. However, the canny thief decided to steal only Apple-branded products.

The thief probably assumed the Apple-branded products were worth much more on the black market than the Microsoft branded products. Microsoft's Surface tablet has not achieved the sales figures that the Mountain View company were hoping for, and many people remain relatively unaware of its presence next to Apple and Android tablets.

The news was reported in the Daily Post, a Palo Alto local newspaper. It quotes Police Sgt. Sean Thompson who said there were no signs of forced entry from the theft, which was reported on Wednesday.

It seemst that thieves specifically target iPads no matter where they break into. In August 2012 we reported on Kenny The Clown, a children's entertainer who was caught red-handed by police using an iPad stolen earlier from Steve Jobs' house.

Details from the Microsoft Crime Report can be viewed here.

The iPads were stolen from Microsoft offices and two iPad 2s and two iPad 3s were reported taken. The report also claims that an iPad 4 was stolen, altough oddly the police claimed that model did not exist yet (Apple released it November 2012). 

No Microsoft products were reported stolen.


Microsoft HQ iPads stolen