As announced at the October keynote, Apple is finally launching the HomePod mini in three new colours.

The new variants are just the same as the black and white model - but following the October event the price for the HomePod mini in the UK actually dropped by £10 to £89 (which is great for us in the UK because it didn't drop anywhere else!)

The HomePod mini has been available in either black or white since it launched in November 2020, then a year later at Apple's October 2021 event it revealed that three new shades would arrive in November: yellow, orange and blue. Those new colour variants are now available in the Apple Store.

Since the HomePod mini was introduced Apple has discontinued the original HomePod, which was originally priced at £319/$349 before the price dropped to £279/$299 in April 2019. When it launched Apple promoted the HomePod's high-end tech and great sound, but it seems that what people want is good sound and a low price (which we were saying from the moment the speaker launched).

The arrival of the HomePod mini meant that the Apple speaker was more affordable, but, in addition to the significantly lower price, the HomePod mini also brought a technical advantage. Thanks to the Ultra Wideband Chip U1, the HomePod mini is able to accurately locate iPhone and AirPods. This means you can easily switch music playback from HomePod mini to iPhone and back again. Read HomePod vs HomePod mini.

The significantly lower price compared to the HomePod also makes using two HomePods as a stereo pair a more attractive proposition. With several HomePod minis in the house, you can not only create a multi-room system, but also use the arrangement as an intercom.

The HomePod mini is also an inexpensive control center for Homekit devices and serves thread devices for the smart home as a border router.

In our test, we were quite taken with sound and form, but especially by the privacy that protects Apple's smart ecosystem better than that of Amazon and Google: Privacy by design. The sound is round and crisp, but not as bulky as that of the no longer sold HomePod due to the smaller size.

Unfortunately, like most newer Apple products, the HomePod mini is not in the catalogue for Apple's shopping event, so you won't get an Apple Gift Card if you buy one. But you could use a voucher obtained from purchasing a qualifying device (such as AirPods) to get money off a HomePod mini.

Alternatively, have a look here to see if anyone is discounting the HomePod mini.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation and additional reporting by Karen Haslam.