Tim Cook has now been CEO of Apple for ten years, and has already said publicly that he does not expect to be in the job for another ten. But questions remain, such as how Apple will handle his eventual departure, and under what circumstances Cook would prefer to leave.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg's Apple reporter and one of the most accurate sources of rumours about the company (with a current AppleTrack accuracy rating of 88.8%), writes in his latest newsletter that Cook is expected to stay on as CEO until at least 2025, but probably not much longer than that.

Within Apple, the general perception, according to Gurman, is that Cook wants to help launch another major new product category before wrapping up his tenure at the company: an entirely new venture, rather than another iPhone, Apple Watch or MacBook Pro. Gurman believes this will turn out to be the highly anticipated AR glasses which Apple is said to have in development at the moment, rather than the mysterious Apple Car - which, if it ever becomes a reality, will come even later.

Apple is said to be ready to launch a mixed-reality headset next year (with an announcement perhaps as early as this year) but the AR goggles are expected to arrive some time around the middle of the decade.

Gurman expects Tim Cook to step down some time between 2025 (when he will be awarded a large number of shares if he is still CEO) and 2028. He is already believed to be a billionaire.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.