Reddit user "heyyoudvd", or Dave B as he calls himself on Medium, has written an interesting post about how he emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook - and got a response.

Dave B has been writing critical articles and commentary about Apple Music for years, including several popular articles on Medium, and the email he sent to Tim Cook was a long summary of all his criticisms of the app.

In short, he argued that Music was trying to be a middle ground between an app for users who want to organise, search and filter large music libraries, and an app for those who want to get smart recommendations based on what they like - but fails. The app is neither as good at the former as iTunes, nor as good at the latter as Spotify.

To his surprise, Dave B received an email from one of Tim Cook's assistants who wanted to arrange a call about the email and his criticism. During the phone call a few days later, she said that Tim Cook himself had read the email and had forwarded it directly to the teams developing Apple Music and the Music app, something that happens so rarely that she herself had not been involved in it before.

The assistant could not make any promises, for obvious reasons, but said that Apple takes the criticism seriously and may introduce some of the changes Dave B suggested in his email.

The post has not been backed up by any evidence and Dave B himself writes that it's up to readers to believe the story or not, but it's not the first time emails to Apple's CEO have been answered and we've heard of people being emailed or called in the past.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation (using DeepL) by David Price.