Apple's 80GB iPod has been declared Time Magazine's 'Gadget of the Week', winning praise for its longer battery life and high capacity.

A review of the product declares that while new iPod nanos and shuffles may have introduced "wow" factor, the release of the 80GB iPod matches Apple's plan for movie downloads.

The decision to offer movies and videos in a higher-resolution 640 x 480 format also wins praise, though the reviewer notes this imposes higher demands on battery life for older iPods with video. The new iPods can play video in this resolution for three-and-a-half hours, Time notes.

"The crazy thing about the 80GB iPod is that you can put even a sizable music collection on it in its entirety, and still have room for movies," Time reports.

Time Magazine has been eulogistic on Apple in recent years. In August it declared the Nike+iPod kit as gadget of the week. January saw Time declare the Intel iMac a gadget of the week; preceeded by the same recognition for the G5 iMac in November last year.

Apple's Tiger and Panther OS's, the iPod shuffle and the Power Mac G5 have also won the same recognition in the past.