Equinux has introduced tizi – billed as Europe's first mobile TV Hotspot for iPad and iPhone, promising free-to-air DVB-T/DTT/TNT reception over Wi-Fi.

"An integrated Hotspot allows tizi to deliver the TV signal to your device effortlessly: turn on, choose tizi's pre-configured WiFi network and start the app - it's that simple," insists the makers.

Tizi offers 3.5 hours of playback, featuring a replaceable Li-Ion battery, which can be recharged via a free USB port on your Laptop or even using an iPad power adapter.

During use, an LED status light displays the current battery level.

The tizi.tv application requires iOS 4 on the iPhone (3GS and 4), iPod touch (4. generation, 3 generation, 32 GB) and iOS 3.2 on the iPad. Tizi supports both portrait and landscape mode and offers full multitasking abilities under iOS 4.

Tizi costs €149.9 - around £129 -  from tizi.tv. Equinux adds Tizi does not support Freeview HD and DVB-T2.