TomTom has introduced its latest car kit for iPhone users designed to securely integrate into your car with the ProClip.

The original TomTom car kit for iPhone has a windscreen mount. The new car kit for iPhone, however, screws onto a vehicle-specific ProClip mount that is fixed on the driver’s dashboard.

This lets drivers choose a permanent location with no need to reposition it for each journey insists TomTom. 

ProClip car kit for iPhone includes a GPS booster, which promises uninterrupted navigation even in built up areas, a built-in microphone for making and taking calls and an integrated speaker to ensure navigation instructions can be heard clearly. An in-car charger meanwhile, keeps the iPhone battery topped up while driving.

The ProClip mount clips in different places on the dashboard for optimal viewing and access and rotates in landscape and portrait position for optimal positioning.

"This car kit for iPhone is designed with demanding drivers in mind," explains Tom Murray, vice president of market development.

"It offers the fastest, neatest way to secure iPhone into a car. Plus they get all the features of the original TomTom car kit for iPhone, for the best in-car experience."

The TomTom ProClip is available to order, including vehicle-specific mounts, from and with a suggested retail price of £99.99.

TomTom sell a range of iPhone applications including those covering the UK and Ireland, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, US and Canada and Australia. TomTom UK and Ireland for instance, costs £59.99.